Maureen McDermut: Meeting Customer Expectations Promotes Business Objectives

With significant experience in banking and real estate, Maureen McDermut serves as a trusted advisor for her clients. She currently oversees sales for Sotheby’s International Realty. Prior to launching her career in real estate, Maureen McDermut facilitated the fulfillment of business objectives for banking clients in her role as First Vice President of First Charter Bank of Beverly Hills and Vice President of the lending division of Mercantile National Bank in Los Angeles.

In today’s buyers’ market, customers control the dialogue between themselves and real estate agents. Business owners will benefit from a good understanding of customer expectations, and should strive to learn how to meet them. A satisfied client fosters profitability through his or her own sales, as well as of those converted by the force of their brand loyalty.

Customer service relies on a critical combination of service performance, and the meeting of customer expectations. When clients believe that agents are striving to meet their needs, they tend to support organizational endeavors related to the identification and acquisition of appropriate properties. Also, perception of customer service optimization lies solely with the clients; as long as people feel that their ongoing patronage affords value to the agent, they weather any storms caused by external forces – even those that impact or delay realization of their goals. These customers recognize and value the efforts of their agents in optimizing their ultimate objectives.


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