Maureen McDermut: An Insider’s Scoop on the Santa Barbara Real Estate Market

A professional real estate agent with more than three decades of experience in banking and real estate, Maureen McDermut is always being asked about the state of California’s housing market. Being intimately familiar with the Santa Barbara housing market, in particular, Maureen McDermut decided to break with convention and publish a weekly update on her website.

On her website,, she displays six easy-to-understand graphs that capture the state of the California market in visual terms. Along with the option to download a sample report, interested potential home owners can also sign up to receive the free reports each week by email. In fact, the reports can even be customized to apply to a specific zip code.

In addition to her free reports on the state of the California real estate market, McDermut also uses her blog to write about her own experiences as a member of the Santa Barbara community. Her unparalleled knowledge of the Santa Barbara communities and willingness to listen to her clients have been the keys to her success as a real estate agent for Sotheby’s International Realty.


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