Simple Steps in Home Staging

Maureen McDermut, a graduate of San Diego State University, currently serves as a real estate specialist with Sotheby’s International Realty. In this capacity, Maureen McDermut helps homeowners get their homes ready for sale.

Hiring a professional to stage a home for sale is a great way to draw attention to a property. There are a number of steps homeowners can perform on their own in order to make the decorator’s job easier.

Start by removing as many personal items as you can. The overall purpose of staging a home is to help potential buyers imagine themselves living there. Similarly, de-clutter areas of the house used for storage, such as shelves, countertops, or even entire rooms. Moving magazine collections and well-used furniture out of these areas and putting them into remote storage can help buyers focus on the layout of the house.

Finally, “neutralizing” certain areas can help house hunters project their own ideas onto the home. For example, a bright yellow master bedroom that contains exercise machines might appeal to the current homeowners, but a simple neutral-colored room free of clutter will attract a much broader buying audience.


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