Maureen McDermut: Meeting Customer Expectations Promotes Business Objectives

With significant experience in banking and real estate, Maureen McDermut serves as a trusted advisor for her clients. She currently oversees sales for Sotheby’s International Realty. Prior to launching her career in real estate, Maureen McDermut facilitated the fulfillment of business objectives for banking clients in her role as First Vice President of First Charter … Continue reading

Maureen McDermut: Hope Ranch: Santa Barbara’s Equestrian Playground

Hope Ranch, home to 700 residents in an unincorporated suburb of Santa Barbara, California, is a dream come true for equestrian enthusiast. Its 2,000 acres are home to more than 30 miles of equine trails, which are managed by the Hope Ranch Riding & Trails Association. The association is open to all members of the … Continue reading

The Eucalyptus Hill Improvement Association

As a professional with decades of experience in banking and real estate, Maureen McDermut spends much of her time listening to and facilitating the needs of her clients. She also serves as a Board Member of the Eucalyptus Hill Improvement Association. This nonprofit association acts as a forum for discussion and administration of issues such … Continue reading